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I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, but I haven’t had time to share it on my blog until today. I will be the first to admit that I have a habit of keeping my face buried in my phone. Anytime I’m bored or alone, without thinking, I reach for my phone. It’s kinda like breathing. I do it without having to tell my brain to do it. This drives my wife crazy sometimes. My response to her frustration is…”It’s business honey, I have to be active on social media for my fans!”. This is true. The entertainment business is mostly promoted through social media. If I wasn’t a country music artist, I probably wouldn’t even have a facebook or a twitter account…maybe an instagram…maybe. If you’re like me, imagine how much more time we would have if we weren’t so concerned with social media. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not preaching that we should all deactivate our profiles and go back to reading the newspaper, but what if we just took one day off?

I call it my “Sunday Social Media Fast Challenge”. I tried to make the title even longer, but I’m saving “Super Sunday Social Media Fast Challenge 2.0” for next year. The challenge is to take a break from all social media on the Lord’s day. If there was a bible verse saying that we shouldn’t play on our phones on the Sabbath, I would probably quote it right about now, but I couldn’t find one. I guess in my case, since social media is “business”,¬†Deuteronomy 5:12-15¬†would pertain to me.

Remember those little pocket bibles you had as a kid? They came in a bunch of colors, red, green, orange and if you’re lucky…sometimes you can find a blue one. I think I’ve even seen a pink one before. Here’s a pic.

pocket bible

You can still find them at target, at Walmart or practically anywhere. They are the same size as an iphone and fit perfectly in your pocket. Every Sunday (or every day), slip one of these little books in your pocket along with your phone, and when you get that urge to cruise facebook to see what everyone ate for lunch, read the good news instead!

I hope you’ll take the “Sunday Social Media Fast Challenge” with me! Since today is Sunday, I won’t be posting any updates about my adventures until tomorrow, it’s safe to say, that today, in case you’re wondering, I will be at home, relaxing in my lazy chair, watching some golf, changing Bubba’s diapers, and at some point in the day, I’ll probably have a tea party with my daughter…and of course I’ll be reading my NKJV New Testament Walmart special pocket bible. Have a blessed day y’all!

***Please note: I’m not a professional writer. I’m just a country singer that loves God and my family. If you catch some grammatical or punctuation errors, blame my English teachers. If you run across any spelling errors, blame windows 8 spell checker.