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Lemons into lemonade!

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Due to some scheduling issues and accommodation hiccups, my shows in El Paso and Albuquerque were postponed. So, all of a sudden…I had no plans for the weekend. I can’t really remember the last time I had zero plans for a weekend. Sometimes, if I take off work and don’t book any shows…it’s usually because my wife had other plans for us…maybe a wedding, holiday, birthday, etc. Not this time. With the shows falling through at the last minute, I was left with nothing on my plate for the next 3 days.

ImageI’m a believer that somethings don’t happen just by coincidence. Perhaps I did have plans for the weekend that I was unaware of, maybe the good Lord wanted me to stay home and have uninterrupted one on one time with my family. I went with that reason!

It was so nice be able to just hangout at home. I caught up on “honey do’s” for Sarah and pushed Nathalee in the swing under our big oak tree out back! Since I travel so much on the weekends, most of the time I can’t make it home for church. If I do get home super late on a Saturday night or super early that Sunday morning, no matter how tired I might be, I will always take my family to worship. It felt good to be well rested for Sunday morning services this time!

I’m glad that things worked out the way they did. I woke up, smelled the coffee and made lemons into the sweetest lemonade ever!

Three Day Weekend.

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last weekend was a great one. It all started with a midnight van call on Friday morning. “Van call” is a term that we use to tell everyone what time the van will be hitting the road. There isn’t any room for running late. With radio interviews and load in times scheduled…the van must leave on time. No exceptions. This term can also be used if traveling in a tour bus…just simply change the word “van” to “bus”. Now say it with me…”Bus call”. Very good. Same when traveling in a station wagon. Ok, you get the idea…back to my story.

Here she is, we call her “The Unit”.
We headed out in complete darkness with our tom-tom routed to Amarillo, TX to play a show with non other than Aaron Watson. He’s from Amarillo so we knew it was going to be a sold out crowd. Indeed it was! I took the stage at 9:45 without having any rest from our all night drive. No matter how tired I am, as soon as I hear the band start playing my intro music, my adrenaline starts pumping and I feel like I’ve downed 3 red bulls. It was showtime! 
Aaron Watson on stage!
Next stop was at Crossroads Saloon in Big Spring, TX on Saturday. Now, that is a rowdy town. We played until 1:30am and of course it’s all fun and games until a cat fight breaks out! Nobody was hurt but everyone was entertained. Haha! Seriously though, I like playing there. They know how to have fun and that’s what I like about Big Spring. One thing I don’t like about Big Spring is that their Whataburger closes the dining area after 11pm. In all my years of eating Whataburger in the middle of the night…I’ve never been to a store that closes the inside. Weird. With a van and trailer…there was no way we could use the drive thru window. Lucky they made an exception for us and unlocked the doors. That was nice. 🙂
Crossroads crowd!
The next day (Sunday) we had a private show in Abilene at a family fun center. We finished sound check early and spent the rest of the afternoon playing skeeball and arcade games. I got to admit it was a little refreshing to play a venue that didn’t smell like beer and cigarettes. At the party there was a 91 year old lady there. She was a big fan of mine. I couldn’t believe that she was really 91. She looked 71 to me. She even drove her self to the party. Yikes! She was a sweet lady and maybe meeting her was the highlight of my weekend. She’s said I was going to be a big star! I mean, shes been alive for 91 years…so she must be an expert in country music. Just saying…
91 years old?!?!

My first music video

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

A few months ago the label and I decided that it was time to shoot a real music video. After many weeks of deliberation, everyone finally agreed that the song for the video should be “If Love Was A Road”. It’s been our biggest hit so far, so we should give the fans what they want. Of course, I called up my buddy Jim Shea out in Nashville to join the effort. Jim is a well known music video director and photographer that has worked on many projects. He was my first choice to produce this video.


After 7 long days of shooting in the hot August sun, I was a glad to hear Jim say those three little words..”that’s a wrap!”. We hope to launch the video on CMT and GAC in the next couple of months. Stay tuned.Image