The Honky Tonk Kid & The Cap Gun Cowboy

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

During my career I’ve shared the stage with many other Texas country artists…but I got to say that Aaron Watson is my favorite person to play with. Him and his band are super nice and defiantly leave their egos at home. I think I’ve played probably 10 shows with Aaron over the years, but this one will probably be the most memorable. We took the stage in Temple at 9pm and played my songs to 500 AW fans for an hour. Going into the show, our goal was to make some fans of our own…and I think we did just that. I couldn’t be more proud of my band and crew. The show was a success! Afterwards I got to have a long talk with my buddy Aaron. We talked about Jesus, Family and just a little bit about music. It was nice to visit with someone in the industry that feels the same way I do about my faith in God and the joy of being a daddy. The fans were enough to make this show a night that I’ll never forget…but maybe more than that, it will be the conversation that I had with The Honky Tonk Kid that will stay with me. 

Here is a pic of the crowd in Temple.


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