Here we go!

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey y’all, so over the past few weeks me and my buddy Charlie Stout have been working on a promo video for booking shows. He had mentioned that I should look into starting a blog. Well, after giving it no thought at all…I did it! I plan on writing short entries every week to give everyone an inside look at what life is like traveling around Texas playing in a country band. Exciting?!? I thought so! Everytime me and the boys hit the road…crazy things happen…I hope you’ll enjoy reading about all my adventures. Of course, when I’m not on the road…I’ll probably write about my family and my animals. I’m not great at spelling or typing…so there will be plenty of mistakes in my posts…just fyi.

This Friday we head to Yoakum Gin & Feed in Yoakum, TX. The venue is an old feed store that has been transformed into a dance hall. They have really good burgers on sourdough buns! The owners are really nice too…so we like playing there.

Saturday, we’ll be at Crider’s Rodeo and Dance Hall in Hunt, TX. I’ve never played there. I heard good things though…so stay tuned!

Oh yeah…here is the link to the video that me and Charlie have been working on. Jake Kellen EPK

  1. Kyndal Gordon says:

    We are looking forward to reading this!

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